Friday, August 17, 2012

M/V Timmy

A guy where I work lives near Point Pleasant and he was asking me today if I knew anything about a small towboat named the Timmy that used to work around Campbell's dock at Point Pleasant. I didn't but I looked it up on Towboat Gallery and found these two pictures.

But I haven't seen it around Point Pleasant that I know of. Does anyone know where the Timmy is hanging out nowadays?


Ben Duvall said...

Campbells built it, A M & O operated it for years. Now Campbells has it back. Works Upper Ohio at Dilles Bottom Oh. and Follansbee WV and any other project they have going.

ohio981 said...

Thanks. I'll pass it along.

Ben Duvall said...

Should have said it was operated by M & O not A M & O. Sorry for the misinformation