Wednesday, January 27, 2010

High water, unphotographed

The river's up, but for some reason I can't get the camera out and go shooting. Maybe I'm getting too worried about the gas money, or it could be that what I saw today and yesterday only makes a good picture if you know what those areas look like when they're not under water.

Part of my problem may be that I too well remember the flood of 1997, the biggest we had around here in 50 years. Or it may be that I'd rather shoot from the air, but I can't get up there.

Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, if inspiration strikes tomorrow, I'll post something.


Granny Sue said...

We were up the river towards Sistersville yesterday and the back water was amazing. The river is really high and supposed to crest at Point pleasant today. The barges looked like they were having a time of it, esp with all the floating debris--logs, even--in the water.

tanstaafl said...

I came south from Pt. Pleasant yesterday afternoon. Looked like it would take another 3 to four feet to go over Rt. 2 at Glenwood.

The barges at Pt. Pleasant almost looked like they were as high as the road. The tops were over the top of my car in a few cases. Those ones were riding very high and were a little taller than normal too.

Best of all worlds, the sun was low in the sky, the river was high, the barges were there, a tow was not quite midstream on the east side, a CSX train was heading southbound and I could see a number of contrails in the western sky. Boy, I wish I had had my camera.

And I took a good look at that old barn with the Mail Pouch paintings on it.

Good trip.