Sunday, April 4, 2010

A few things

The Columbus Dispatch has a travel article about Louisville. The second paragraph:

Actually, most Americans can probably learn, or relearn, a thing or two about their native land by visiting Louisville.  


I guess this is good news: Bald eagles are making a comeback, and their numbers could grow along the Ohio River because it provides access to their preferred diet of fish, according to the Courier-Journal of Louisville.


This next is not about the Ohio River per se, but it's about Huntington, where I've lived and/or worked for many years. The Daily Mail of London does a piece that makes Huntington look really bad, but it does concede that many cities in the US and elsewhere have problems with obesity.

I was in a couple of other Ohio River cities yesterday, and I can say I saw a large number of kids who are a lot heavier than I and my schoolmates were at that same age.

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Henry M. said...

My brother lives a few miles below Gallipolis Dam (I still call it that, having done so for so many years) and we have seen eagles there for a couple of years. That means plenty of fish.