Monday, April 12, 2010

mv. Hoosier State gets up close

Before we went bike riding Sunday afternoon, Adam and I had to get a look at the mv. Hoosier State. Adam loves the new AEP towboats, and he had seen the Hoosier State only once before. He's seen the mv. AEP Leader only once before, too, so we'll have to track that one down the next time it's in the area at a good time.

We went to the park where old Lock and Dam 27 was. We had seen the boat coming upriver at Huntington WV, so we waited. He had been pounding me at slug bug on the way to 27, so I jabbed him in the shoulder when I saw the Hoosier State come around the bend.

As Adam is fond of saying, we saw the mv. Buckeye State at 27 on Nov. 2, 2009, the same day the Hoosier State was delivered or went into service.

As it happened, the Ingram towboat Craig E. Philip was coming down the Ohio River at the same time as the Hoosier State was coming up. We hoped the two boats would pass where we stood or just a little downstream. Lucky for us, they did, with the Hoosier State on our side of the river and the Philip going closer to the West Virginia side.

This meant we would get a closeup look at the Hoosier State. Because these photos were taken before 2 p.m., the sun was behind the Hoosier State, putting the side toward us in shadow. That's the way it is around here. Before 2 p.m., you want to shoot photos from the West Virginia side if you can. After, you shoot from Ohio.

We hung around until the Hoosier State had gone out of sight upriver.

The river was maybe a foot above normal pool. Otherwise the old upper guide wall would stick out of the water more.

Adam asked if we would go up to the boat ramp at Athalia OH to see the Hoosier State again. I explained that we could do that, but the additional trip and boat watching would take an hour or more. He wanted to go bike riding, plus we had to pick his sister up from work later in the afternoon, so chasing the boat would cut into bike time. He figured he could see the boat again, but he really wanted to ride his bike, so we left.


Unknown said...


I am one of the Pilots on the M/V Hoosier State. I remember seeing you all that day, saw you taking those pictures. Which by the way are excellent. I can see myself standing outside the wheelhouse in one of them. Actually, I thought you were the photographer that was suppose to be taking pictures of our boat for it's dedication. He caught up with us a couple days later. If you and Adam ever get a chance to take a tour on one of the new AEP boats, do it. They look even better inside.

This boat is getting dedicated on May 26th at the city front in Rising Sun Indiana. Would be about a 3 hour drive for you from Huntington.

Glad there are still some people interested in Towboats!

ohio981 said...

Thanks, Joseph. When I have the gas money, Adam and I tend to chase boats along the Ohio River here in the Huntington, W.Va., area. We have favorite shooting spots picked out on both sides of the Ohio River from Gallipolis to Portsmouth for shooting at different times of day and weather conditions.. It's been a real bonding experience for us.

I saw the Hoosier State pass Huntington a couple of weeks ago. I got some shots as it slowed down to allow the Michael J. Grainger to overtake it.

Again, thanks. I don't know that we will be in Rising Sun, but we'll try.