Saturday, May 22, 2010

mv. Mountain State at RCB

Here are photos of the mv. Mountain State as it approached and entered the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam on the Ohio River this past Thursday afternoon/evening.

First, in the lower approaches, at about the 2,500-foot marker. These were taken from the West Virginia side, with the sun about to set behind the Ohio hills.

This photo didn't work the way I'd hoped. The sun was behind clouds, the water was too brown to reflect a lot of light, etc. etc. etc.

Here are two deckhands on the front of the tow as the Mountain State approaches the lower gates.

And I believe this is the boat as it enters the locks, as the sign in the background says "550."

We had a good afternoon. We got to see three boats up close, and Adam got a lesson in shutter speeds, apertures, depth of field and -- very important -- choosing your shots when you have only a few left on your camera.


Mark said...

I recognize the stance of the man on the port side of the tow as Tyson Y., my long time second mate. This would have been 17 months after we picked the boat up in Houma Louisiana from Quality Shipyard. I was Master of the boat from May 2009 until my retirement in December 2018.

ohio981 said...

Thanks for digging deep into the Ohio River Blog archives.