Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pamela Dewey in South America (Updated)

Well, Adam was a bit bummed tonight. We had heard the mv. Pamela Dewey was headed to South America, and tonight I found a photo of it and three other boats posted by Gustavo Di Iorio.

"That was my second-favorite Viking," Adam said in explaining his disappointment to his mother. She tunes out a lot of conversations Adam and I have, by the way. For some reason, she's not interested in some of the things that fascinate him, such as the difference in length between the AEP Mariner and the Mountain State.

But I still have several photos of the Pamela Dewey on the Ohio River he can look at from time to time.

UPDATE: Actually, the AEP Mariner and the Hoosier State are the same length, according the AEP River Transportation website.

For some reason, Adam has had it in his head for a while that the two boats are of different lengths. When he got home from school today at 3 p.m., I told him the AEP Mariner  was in the area, but that we weren't going out to chase it and photograph it. The river is up, the light is bad and we plan to attend the dedication of the Hoosier State next week anyway. We looked up the boats on the AEP site, and found that they are the same length. Adam shrugged off his error and moved on to his next order of business, which was finding an after-school snack.

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