Friday, July 2, 2010

A looooong chase

After two stressful days helping my 18-year-old daughter buy her first car (with her own money) and learn to drive a stick shift, I needed some quiet time yesterday. Too bad I had to tell my 10-year-old river fan that one of his favorite boats -- the Hoosier State -- was in our area. We spent nearly seven hours chasing that thing up the Ohio River, from old Lock and Dam 28 to the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam.

In the process, we stopped at 10 places along the river to get photos. The best part was along a narrow road clinging to the side of a hill. I stopped in front of a house with all four wheels on the road to see the boat, and a guy sitting on the porch told me there was a road leading down to the river, and he had a shack down there. He said we could drive down there if we wanted. We did, and we found a nice spot of Ohio River shore for shooting pictures.

In the end, it was a good day. A tiring one, but a good one. And as Adam asked, did the people on the Hoosier State think we were stalking them?

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Unknown said...

Sorry I saw you all to late to late to put the boat over closer to the Ohio side when you were at the public boat ramp. I noticed Adam was wearing a hat, from the distance it looked like a tan colored AEP hat. Just to let you know, we should be back up this way in a few days. Going down to turn the Bruce Darst.