Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leftovers, Part 5

Three more photos from October and November that didn't seem to fit in with another theme.

First, the Miss Mae as seen from above on a warm, bright day. I remember warm days.

Sometimes I see barges with these poles in the water. I don't know why they're done that way, but I do see them now and then.

This one has a back story. On the first day of fifth grade, Adam's teacher wanted everyone to draw something about themselves. Adam filled this paper with the AEP logo, partly because AEP has some of his favorite towboats and partly because he got to steer an AEP boat back in May.

More to come, later.


Barry said...

The pole projecting into the water on the barge on the bow is the depth finder transducer.Wider tows will run a pair of them(one one each side)

ohio981 said...

Okay. Thanks. Now I'll go back through some photos and look for them.

In summer 2008, I think, a Coast Guard boat was tieing up at Huntington for the night and people used poles to check the depth manually. I guess they decided one part of the park wasn't deep enough, so they moved to another part.