Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Towboat sinks

A McGinnis Inc. towboat sank near the company's terminal at Wurtland, Ky., last night. Here's the story, which does not give the name of the boat.

When I worked at the paper, I tried telling people the difference between a tugboat and a towboat, but few people cared. That's still the case, I see.


Anonymous said...

Most likley you know this by now, the towboat that sunk was the Jo Ann Mcginnis built in 1975 at Portsmouth.Both crew members are ok.

Anonymous said...

The Omar should be in the Huntington area pm on the 10th. She is adding to her tow at mile 390 Killen Station as of 5:30pm.
She will be in a narrow part of the Ohio after dark from Vanceburg to Buena Vista where the flow vel. is nearly 5mph due to the high water.You have to push 5mph there just to hold your own.Her EMD's are useing over 5000 gal a day!!(the only good part no road tax on the fuel!!)Hope you get the photo's you wanted of her.

ohio981 said...

Thanks. I'm hoping it gets up to at least Mile 311. I'll be looking for it.