Monday, May 30, 2011

A day along the river

1. The R.L. Carter Jr. passes Huntington. I think that's the Sunflower off in the distance.

I can't remember seeing graffiti on a barge before. I wonder who Jason is or was.

A closer look at the R.L. Carter Jr.

Raking hay in Gallia County, Ohio.

The Orleanian above the Gallipolis ice piers.

Enjoying the river at Tu-Endie-Wie Park at Point Pleasant.

A good squirrel photo needs the D.A. Grimm in the background.

And baling hay.

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Anonymous said...

Just being "picky" as old timers are I guess,On the head of the tow photo,the tow wire is improper fasten,and the head of the tow area is a safety man's nightmare.Very much a tripping hazard.Tow does not appear to be moving very fast. I hope the lead man corrected it.