Friday, July 8, 2011

A new spot for photos

I had to be in the Williamstown WV-Marietta OH area yesterday for my job. While I was there, I got some photos in the area of the bridge connecting the two cities.

First, from Williamstown, I saw a couple of folks in a canoe enjoying the Ohio River.

Later, I saw the M/V West Virginia coming down with some AEP barges.

The channel line is so close to the Ohio shore that I didn't need a long lens to fill the frame with the West Virginia.

By the way, when Adam saw these pictures, he thought this was the Tennessee and not the West Virginia because the lettering on the name board was black and white, not gold and blue. But I zoomed in and showed him the nameboard. And I said there was something else different. The West Virginia didn't have any logo on its stacks. I assume that's because the company is changing from MCS to the AmherstMadison logo, but I don't know that. We'll just have to see.

In a few weeks, I have to take Adam up there because there are some things I need to photograph and he needs to see. Among other things, I want to find that park or overlook where we can see the side-by-side highway and railroad bridges in a bend that I've more than one pilot gripe about.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that also about the stack logo, maybe they are all going to operate under Red Star Towing.I have a e-mail in to a pilot that works for them, maybe he will know.