Friday, December 23, 2011

Got boats?

One more day of work, and then I have most (but not all) of next week off. Most of that time will be spent at home, doing exciting stuff like cleaning and getting some car repairs taken care of. But with a few days free, the wife might spring me to do some towboat chasing.

If you're on a boat passing through or near the Huntington area -- one that I could use a good photo of, which is most of them -- feel free to drop me a line in the comment section of any blog entry on here. I'll be checking them several times a day.

And if you see a guy in an odd place along the river stretching or bending in unusual ways trying to get a photo, it's probably me. If there's a skinny kid with him -- one who looks like he's going through another growth spurt -- it's Adam. Someone told me that Adam and I have a reputation along this part of the river. But that's okay with us.

May the dispatchers look upon us favorably.

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