Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blogger Appreciation Day

I just read that today was Blogger Appreciation Day. Allow me to say that this blogger appreciates all the people who read this blog. To you six people, thanks.

Yeah, this blog has more readers than that. Compared to topics like movies, politics, sports and celebrity gossip, there are not a lot of us who are interested -- really interested -- in the Ohio River and what's on it, in it, over it, under it and beside it. But those of us who are interested are passionate about it. Through this blog Adam and I have formed long-distance friendships and acquaintances with people I would never have known about otherwise.

And this blog has given Adam, now 12 years old, entry into a world that most kids don't get to experience.

So thanks to our readers. We're coming up on the third anniversary of the Ohio River Blog. I started it when I was laid off from my previous job, where I had worked more than 30 years and had advanced up the ladder. I needed something to do, so we started writing this blog and posting pictures and such. It's fun, and my work and personal schedule -- keeping up with the needs of a wife, a grown daughter, a son who's about to go into the Marines and a third kid who is so much like me that he frustrates me greatly sometimes -- eats into my free time, but we give it what we can.

So we'll keep at it for the foreseeable future, and thanks to everyone who drops by here every once in a while to share what we learn about this great river


Anonymous said...

I'll take the opportunity to thank you for the porthole back to my youth roaming the the banks of the Ohio at Sciotoville, Oh. Whenever a towboat went by we'd stop and watch. Thanks for letting me keep watching.

Tim from Arizona

ohio981 said...

My pleasure, Tim. And someday I'll find a spot at Sciotoville,either on the river bank or or a hill, and get a good picture of that huge railroad bridge there.