Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eggner;s Ferry Bridge and other stuff

The Delta Mariner is free of the Eggner's Ferry Bridge as of Monday. This article explains why the ship takes such a long, roundabout route on its normal travels.


I grew up around enough farmers to know that they're always worried about or complaining about the weather. Some farmers in the corn and wheat belt of Illinois and Iowa are worried about what this warm winter will mean for their crops this year. And since a lot of grain moves on the rivers ...


Demolition of the Market Street Bridge at Steubenville, Ohio, has been postponed a day to Feb. 21. I hope it doesn't get pushed back much more. Ash Wednesday is Feb. 22. My boss says she will pay for me to go cover the demolition, but while I'm in that area I have to buy her a couple of boxes of a Polish pastry that is available only before Lent, she says. The pastry is called a paczki, and it's a big deal in Polish-American communities such as those in northwest Ohio where she grew up.


Back to Eggner's Ferry: Inspectors will rappel down the bridge piers today.

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