Sunday, February 26, 2012

Up and out from under the Weber W. Sebald

A few months ago, I crawled up under and inside the sternwheel of the Weber W. Sebald to get a few photos of how the wheel looked from the inside out looking up. I got quite an education on how those things were put together. The bad part was that the sky was overcast that day, meaning I got red bucketboards against a milky white sky. I really wanted to see how they looked against a blue sky.

This afternoon I was in Point Pleasant anyway and the sky was sunny and clear, so I went back to the Point Pleasant River Museum to get my shots of the Sebald's wheel. I learned that I need to try this again some morning, as the best angles required me to shoot toward the sun. The good part was that I didn't have to deal with a pattern of light and shadows today.

While I was crawling around inside the wheel, some people approached and asked how long I was going to be in there.  They were portrait photographers doing a high school senior portrait session.

The wheel will be there a while longer. I got out, we talked, they left and I got back in and got a few more shots. And left.

I still haven't gotten that shot I want inside the wheel. So I'll try again someday.

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