Sunday, October 28, 2012

A cold, rainy day

It was chilly and wet this morning, leading me to think it had been a while since I had taken my camera to the Ohio River bank in such weather. So away I went. Here are a few of the pictures I got.

First, the street leading to the boat ramp and park at the mouth of the Guyandotte River, as seen through the windshield as the traffic light changes from red to green.

The mouth of the Guyandotte.

The East End bridge as seen through trees that are about to lose their leaves.

The East End bridge as seen from the mouth of Indian Guyan Creek in Ohio.

Coal barges, with their colors enhanced by rain.

The M/V Jean Akin, pushing the barges.

And downtown Huntington.

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Dangerous Dan said...

We were just up that way this afternoon around 4:45 going to visit a relative in St Mary's. We saw each of those locations you pictured as we went up the Ohio side and then crossed over the East End Bridge. It'd been awhile since we'd gone that way.

It was an interesting trip in another aspect, also. We decided to return to Kentucky the same way and cross the river at Ironton. Well, that didn't work as planned - they had just closed the bridge because the grated steel deck has dropped 4 to 6 inches! So, it was back to Ashland to cross at that point.

Even if the Ohio DOT says the old bridge is okay... I don't think I'm going to cross it ever again.