Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stars and Stripes

I don't think I used this from the Tribute to the River at Point Pleasant last month. If I did, then forgive me. But this is one I got of two guys raising the flag on the sternwheeler Laura J Major as the sun was setting and the park was getting dark.

I was going to try for a fancy effect, but it wasn't working for me. But then, who needs something fancy when you have Old Glory herself?


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of Bill Mallette and Danny Downey placing a brand new beautiful "old Glory" atop the pilot house of the sternwheeler Major.

Anonymous said...

That's the pilot house of the Major. Not Laura J

ohio981 said...

I knew that. The name "Major" was on the front of the pilothouse, and I left it in the original crop. Then I decided to tighten in on the flag and the two men, and the name of the boat was not included. I've just been thinking of the Laura J lately for some reason, and I typed its name through sheer absentmindedness. Sorry about that. And thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix it right away.

Bobby said...

I don't remember if I did a followup on this - but my model of the Major is finished -

It's so nice to see you real thing on you site so often lately!