Thursday, April 10, 2014

From the archives: The Helen S

Thirty years ago, Ohio River Co. boats were all over the part of the Ohio River where I live. One of them was the Helen S, a Dravo-built boat. Here are a couple of images I pulled from some black and white negatives in my archives.

As far as I know, the Helen S is now the Jonathan Erickson of Marquette Transportation, and it spends most of its time on the Upper Mississippi. As of this morning, its last position was above Lock and Dam 22.

I know enough about business to know that names and companies come and go, but I kind of miss seeing Ohio River Co. boats. Nice name, nice boats.

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Anonymous said...

Brings back old memories,the boat came out under the OR Gulf flag,non union,starting the end of the Ohio River Co. I was working on the Baby Lere under the ORC flag,we were turning the ORG boats south of Memphis,the crews were locked out of the galley on the afterwatch and were not even allowed coffee at night.If I remember I believe decking paid 17.50 a day on the ORG boats vs,27.00 on the ORC boats