Friday, June 6, 2014


Two Congressmen recently toured the Greenup Locks and Dam and talked about waterways infrastructure. The locks probably need serious work, as they've been in service more than fifty years, but with what's going on at Olmstead and in the Pittsburgh District with Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery, it will be interesting to see how money is divided up for Ohio River basin navigation improvements.

Trivia question: Who knows the name of the first commercial towboat to go through the Greenup locks?

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Anonymous said...

The Bob Benter of The Ohio River Co.,first to lock.The Benter was SB with coal for Beckjord Station.In those days there were 14 crew members on a boat that size."no tug service then" deck-hands had to build tows then the hard way.The Benter is still in service today on the Mo. river as the Britney Lee,with GM-645's much better than the old F/M original's