Friday, November 7, 2014

Not a great day for river photography

I had this great idea last night. Why not go through my hard drive and highlight some of my best Ohio River photos from November 7 of years past?

When I looked, I didn't find many such photos. I guess part of it is that when the leaves fall, I tend to lose interest. Unless there is snow or something to hide the drab hillsides in this area from early November to the middle of April, taking pictures of boats or bridges loses a lot of appeal for me. Fog or rain helps, but a landscape without green leaves is kind of dull.

However, I did find four pictures that I could share. The first three are from 2010, when Campbell sent the Bill Stile and the D.A. Grimm down the river together. I thought one of them was deadheading, then I saw a small amount of prop wash behind the Grimm.

The Stile and Grimm were followed closely by the Caleb Lay.

Then in 2011, I went to a favored boat ramp to learn how to use the camera on an Android phone. This was one of the pictures I took.

And that was about it. Some days you get a picture. Some days you don't.

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