Sunday, December 7, 2014

Crounse Week, Day 2 EXTRA: the M/V Enid Dibert

The day was too beautiful to stay inside despite the cold, so I went down to the river and what did I see but a Crounse boat headed my way. It was the Enid Dibert moving ever so slowly against a swift current and high water.

First, going under the 6th Street bridge, a.k.a. the Robert C. Byrd Bridge.

Coming closer.

Her two propellers were kicking up a lot of wake despite her speed.

Moving away.

And seen moving away farther as veterans' group gathered at Harris Riverfront Park for the annual ceremony of throwing wreaths in the river in memory of military personnel killed at Pearl Harbor.

And so she headed up the Ohio with what looked like 15 loads of limestone, which I assume are going to a power plant scrubber somewhere.

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Barry G said...

Better hang on to the ole Crounse single screw boat pix... As they are fast becoming a part of "tis Was" --They are scrapping and parting out several of the ole single screw boats of the Crounse fleet.. Some have done gone!!!!