Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crew change for the M/V Yvonne Conway

I mentioned recently that I was down at the river to watch crew change for the Yvonne Conway. It was a freezing rain that morning. I had to be very careful where I walked and where I stood because of the ice. I overheard some Crounse employees say they had seen some accidents on the way to Huntington. I didn't ask, but I assume they came up from Maysville, as they were driving a van with the Crounse name on the door.

Here are three pictures that I shot one-handed while holding an umbrella in the other hand.

First, the boat itself. This was probably as close as I've been to this particular boat. I could be wrong, though.

Next, while Crouse was doing the crew change -- I think three got off and three got on -- a Coast Guard boat came down the river, after which it was loaded onto a trailer and trucked away.

I was on this boat or one like it many years ago. The Coast Guard took me along on a quick tour of what they look for on the Ohio between Huntington and the Big Sandy, and we went up the Big Sandy as far as the (now) Marathon refinery.

Finally, three people board the Yvonne Conway and, I assume, report to the captain, stash their stuff in their cabins and do whatever it is they do.

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