Saturday, April 25, 2015

In the news, 4/25/15

The future of a small sternwheeler in Marietta, Ohio, apparently depends on its owner paying back rent and securing insurance. Both are imminent, he says.


Two schools in the Cincinnati area will share a half million dollars for science research and education efforts, including on the Ohio River and its tributaries.


This is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

   Nearly $5,000 -- up from $250 in just days --- is being offered in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for dumping as many as 20 dead dogs over a hillside in Hopewell.
   Police discovered the remains of about 15 to 20 dogs in various states of decay on a hillside between Route 51 and the Ohio River on Monday morning.

Something like this happened along the road where I live a few years ago. Dead dogs were dumped over the hill in a wooded area. The first thing we noticed was the smell, then the turkey vultures sitting on the guardrail. As far as I know, we never learned who dumped them, or why.


Abuse of prescription painkillers used to be a big topic here in my part of the Ohio Valley, but that was a few years ago. Authorities and drug companies made obtaining such pills harder, so now people are turning to heroin instead, and here in Huntington WV heroin overdoses are spiking.

USA Today did a story on heroin use this week, and for web art it used a photo of needles from an exchange program in Portsmouth, Ohio. I found this interesting because I was wondering a few days ago whatever happened to the situation in Portsmouth. It seems that three or four years ago, whenever a national or regional media organization did an article about prescription painkiller abuse, it sent a reporter and a photographer to Portsmouth. But that seems to have died down. Until this week.

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