Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Boats and the Major League All-Star Game

If you plan to spend the All-Star Game on your bass boat beside Great American Ballpark, you might have a problem.

The U.S. Coast Guard is proposing a set of rules to deal with boating traffic on the Ohio River at Cincinnati in the four-day period of the Major League All-State Game in July. You can find details of the proposal here.

The main point, or nut graf as we call it in the news business, follows:

The Captain of the Port (COTP) Ohio Valley is proposing to establish a special local regulation for all waters of the Ohio River, surface to bottom, extending from Ohio River mile 469.5 to 471.2 at Cincinnati, OH July 10, 2015 through July 14, 2015. This special local regulation is necessary to protect persons and property from potential damage and safety hazards during the “86th MLB All-Star Week/Game”, an event which will likely involve a high density of boater traffic in the river miles specified. This proposed special local regulation is intended to temporarily restrict vessel traffic in a portion of the Ohio River and implement a moving security zone for certain vessel traffic within the special local regulated zone during this event in order to promote the safety of life and property on the navigable waterway. There is no regulatory history related to this proposed special local regulation or the event triggering a need for the proposed special local regulation.
The effect of this proposed rule will be to restrict general navigation during the event. Vessels intending to transit the Ohio River through the designated mile markers will only be allowed to transit the area when the COTP Ohio Valley, or a designated representative, has deemed it safe to do so or at the completion of the event each day.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry, but this is BS. Restricting boaters rights of the river for the All Star game is just plain regulatory overrun. Do not agree with the made up reasons stated for such restrictions.

Unknown said...

Has this plan been approved?

ohio981 said...

Update coming in a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

River is on the rise at Cincy right now, that area will be treacherous enough for commercial traffic before you add in all the extra recreational traffic. Glad measures are being taken to keep recreational traffic anchored out of the navigational channel and at a safe distance from tows trying to safely pass through the area.