Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Things I wonder about, but not for long

I was at the Huntington riverfront today when a city fire engine was drawing water from the Ohio River and spraying it high into the air. Given the presence of a van nearby, I assume it was testing or calibrating equipment.

Then I saw a small boat from the Army Corps of Engineers pass by. It wasn't a big boat. It was the kind that had a cabin and can be pulled on a standard size trailer by a pickup. What stood out to me was the fact the boat had a couple of tow knees on the front. I wondered for a minute what the boat pushes, then my mind went on to other things.

Like the small boat that followed it. It was a flat-bottomed boat that was big enough for the three people in it. Only one person at a time stood. On the side in green letters was, "U.S. EPA". I didn't know what a boat that small with three people in it was doing, but I had other things to worry about.

And that summed up my curiosity for the day.

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