Sunday, June 7, 2015

M/V Michael D .. and a vocabulary question

This past Friday I had to run up to the Point Pleasant River Museum and Learning Center for something. As I parked my car I heard a boat coming out of the Kanawha. It was the Michael D pushing some empties. As it passed me, it turned to head up the Ohio.

My question: What do you call a boat the size of the Michael D? I'm guessing it's too small to be a line haul boat or whatever the big ones are called nowadays, and it's too big to be a dinner bucket boat. That's what an old guy told me about 35 years ago when he was describing the small boat he worked on. It never left the harbor or port where it moved barges around.

So what do you call it?

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Richard James said...

That is a "Go Up and Fetch It". Pronounced, "gwupnfetchit".