Monday, May 16, 2016

M/V Luciana Moore, pre sunrise

Seen this morning on WV Route 2 north of Huntington, about 15 minutes before sunrise. The M/V Luciana Moore of Murray Transportation, formerly the M/V Titan.
I hadn't seen this boat this close since it was rebuilt about 18 months ago at South Point. The rebuild included a new, larger pilothouse. I saw it back in October north of Steubenville, but I was on a section of Ohio Route 7 where there was no place to pull off, plus we were in a pretty heavy rain at the time.

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h.m.sanders said...

Mr. Ross that is an excellent photo. Deckhands probably hate the new wheelhouse because of all the glass! Aesthetically I like it, a mix of new an old but, that's still a lot of glass! :)