Friday, June 3, 2016

A common problem

Here's a question for you: A lot of state roads along the Ohio River sustain damage from constant slipping and sliding. Do you keep repairing the road, or do you move it?

Indiana is considering relocating part of Route 156 in the Rising Sun area.

A dozen years or so ago, West Virginia had the same problem with Route 2 South of Point Pleasant. It was hill, railroad track, Route 2 and river. There was no place to relocate the road to, so after years of filling in slips, it decided to stabilize the river bank.

There was a state road in Ohio -- I think it was Route 124 in Meigs County, although it could have been in Athens County or Washington County -- that Ohio eventually gave up on. The road wasn't a main artery, so the state just closed it because it wasn't worth fixing anymore.

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