Friday, April 14, 2017

A reason to visit Cleveland

In college in Athens, Ohio, I met a lot of people from the Cleveland area. Despite having one or two as good friends, I never really wanted to visit Cleveland. But now I do.

This item on a Crain's blog, which links to this article, talks about how Great Lakes boats must navigate a narrow river to deliver materials to industries along the Cuyahoga River. It makes me want to go up there and see them in action ... if there's a way and a place for a regular guy like me to get a good look.

(The first time I clicked the link to the story, it let me in. The second time, it said I needed to have an account. FYI.).

I've begun following a guy on Flickr who takes some pretty good pictures of lakers, and now I want to see them in action on open water. But watching one in action on a narrow river would be pretty cool, too.

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Unknown said...

It's an easy chase on the Cuyahoga! Average ship speed while in the river is about 1 knot and you can pretty easily follow the first 3 miles of the navigable channel (out of 6 miles). The biggest challenge can be having a ship to follow. Some days we see 3, some days there are none (with the majority of days being 1 or none) It definitely pays to use marinetraffic or a similar site or app to see what is coming or in town. Also some go up the main river while others go into the old riverbed to the right for the LaFarge Cement Terminal or to load salt or offload stone. Whiskey Island/Wendy Park is where you can see them all come or go though!