Wednesday, February 14, 2018

News from around the Ohio Valley

The CEO of the TVA is receiving criticism because the agency has purchased a luxury helicopter and two jets to ferry high-ranking employees of potential large electricity customers around the region. That and the fact CEO has a $6.5 million annual compensation package while some customers' rates continue to go up.

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The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review looks at how infrastructure needs on the Allegheny River would fare if President Trump's budget plan goes through: "The Allegheny River's locks and dams are on quite the roller coaster courtesy of the president's budget, with a 260 percent boost in fiscal year 2018 from the previous year, then a 56 percent decrease in fiscal 2019."

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And it looks like spending $2.3 billion to build two new bridges at Louisville has eased traffic congestion in that city, according to this report from WDRB.

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