Monday, February 19, 2018

Ohio River flood, 2/19/18 (Part 2)

When I arrived in Ironton, Ohio, in late morning, city work crews had already installed the floodwall barriers on the south side of the Storms Creek opening and had begun the process on the north side. The work attracted a stream of spectators that came and went for the hour or so I was there.

The gate on the south side let some water seep through. It ran off into storm drains on each side of the street. I saw what looked like a pump station nearby.

At the far lower end of town was another floodwall opening that workers had not started on yet. Past that, out of town, was another low place under water.

Up next: The Greenup Locks and Dam and Greenup, Ky. That comes tomorrow morning.

Update: Life has gotten in the way. I will try to have the Greenup pictures up by Tuesday evening.

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