Wednesday, March 28, 2018

M/V John Vaughn

With all the changes in the towing industry and cargo movements in the past few years, some familiar boats rarely make it to my area anymore and some unfamiliar ones are taking their places.

Yesterday evening I noticed a boat called the John Vaughn was in the area, so late on an overcast evening I went to old Lock and Dam 27 to get a look at it.

Note that there was no name near the pilothouse, on the tow knees or on the stern. Something about the boat seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it. I looked it up later and found that it is the former Kevin Flowers of ACBL. The Coast Guard lists its current owner as Knight Manufacturing Corp.

And while I was at old Lock and Dam 27, I  saw the usual litter that plagues public places in this region.

At least this cup lay peacefully and whole surrounded by those little purple flowers, whatever they're called.

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