Monday, February 11, 2019

Looking forward to spring and summer

When the hills are green and the light is good.

I was looking through some shots from last fall and I found this one. It's one of my favorite photos of my favorite bridge.

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Unknown said...

I can assure you all, spring is on its way up to the Ohio River Valley. I live down in Central Florida now and spring here--is "sprungin'." Just in the past few days has it come to us.

Around here, spring comes and goes so fast, you can often miss it. It literally comes in one day when the daytime temps get back up in the high 70's to the mid 80s after the day before it had only gotten up into the 60s and we start to have flowering trees like Dogwoods and Redbuds suddenly full not just buds, but full flowers.

Just as fast as it came in, spring is gone and our long summers begin long before either the astronomical or meteorological summers arrive

The azaleas are popping too...

So my fellow Buckeyes, Kentuckians and West VA Mountaineers and fellow river lovers---just hang on a bit more---spring is coming soon....

I hope to get up to get to this part of the river this summer. I want to scout out the upper river this summer all the way up to Pittsburg along with doing the same on downriver below Louisville, down to Paducah, KY and Cairo, Il by land.

I know the river pretty well from Maysville to Louisville, but on past McAlpine L/D southbound and a few miles northbound out of Maysville, not much at all.

Happy Spring to you Jim and everyone...I look forward to seeing your photos of the river tows, where in the background, the trees along the river and up in the hills are greening up too....

From Mike down in Florida