Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another evening down by the river

I had a few minutes yesterday evening before I had to pick Adam up from band camp, so I went down by the river to see what was there. There was a lot of wood floating in the water and washed up on the bank.

Here is one log that drifted by slowly. If it was moving any slower, one of Huntington's many graffiti "artists" probably would have tagged it. I converted the image to black and white and upped the contrast to get a better look at how the waves mingled as the irregular surface of the log bobbed in the water.

For some reason, I like seeing how the timberheads at the spot where the big boats tie up look against the setting sun. Sometimes, when the sky cooperates, they look really good. Other times, not so much. Here, you decide.

This bottle of Pepsi intrigued me. The cap was tight, and some cola remained inside when the litterbug left it here. It had been here long enough for condensation to form on the inside. Eventually I realized I was looking at bubbles from the inside out.

It also reminded me of those pictures that went around a while back where someone Photoshopped the seed pods of an Amazon flower of something on a person's bare back and warned you what would happen if you used the wrong shampoo.

And so went another exciting evening by the Ohio River. As someone said, you can see a lot just by looking.

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