Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mud. Lots of mud.

This evening I went down to one of my favorite spots on the Ohio side of the Ohio River. It's also pretty popular with fishermen. Just not right now.

The high water of recent weeks that deposited several inches of mud on concrete walkways and boat ramps also deposited lots of mud on undeveloped spots. At this place, you can see footprints several inches deep. The mud that was left behind when the water went down several days ago has not dried out yet. There was only one spot of litter left by a fisherman, and it was high up on the bank.

Whoever manages the boat ramp at this spot abandoned it long ago to the mud. It's still a public area, but I doubt that anyone has launched a boat there in years. There's more than half a foot of mud on the ramp now, and if it hasn't been cleared by now, at the end of July, it probably won't be.

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