Thursday, March 10, 2016

M/V Steven J. Mason

This one passed Huntington around noon today.

This picture is okay, but it will be better when I get a similar one after the landscape greens up. I'm tired of looking at naked trees. It's time for them to put some clothes on.


h.m.sanders said...

Mr. Ross, Thanks for your blog and especially the photos. My Father was Chief Engineer on the M/V Aetna Louisville in the 50s and port engineer for Ashland Oil in the early 60s. Part of my childhood was spent in your part of the world. I find the M/V Steven J. Mason very interesting. It was originally a retractable wheelhouse and later rebuilt to what is seen in your photo. I've seen boats converted 'to' a retractable wheelhouse but, to the best of my knowledge this is may be the only boat rebuilt to a conventional towboat. Are you aware of any others? Thanks again for what you do. -Mark Sanders

ohio981 said...

Offhand, I don't know of any. Perhaps if someone out there does, they will let us know.

And it's interesting your father worked on the Aetna Louisville. That boat and the Allied Ashland were boats that I often photographed back in the 1970s and 1980s. If I had unlimited money, I would go down to South America and see what they look like today. A picture is one thing. Seeing them in person is another.

h.m.sanders said...

Thanks for responding. I have seen some photos of them in S. America. The Aetna Louisville has had it's wheel house raised and just doesn't look like the same boat.
I know what you mean about seeing them in person. I doubt I'll ever be in a position to make that trip.

I wish I had a better photo of the Aetna. The only one I have is B&W and a little worse from wear. Dad received it at an Ashland Oil safety banquet. It's the first boat I ever rode. I was 4-5 years old ca1960. That photo is my profile pic.

Spring is on it's way, keep snapping photos of the boats and river views, they all take me back in time.

ohio981 said...

If you go to the home page of this blog, look in the upper left corner. Type "aetna" and hit ENTER and it will take you to two pages where I have posted photos of the Aetna Louisville.

I thought I had posted more, but apparently not.

h.m.sanders said...

Thank you for your time. It was good to see the boat and the (original) M/V Valvoline!
I hope you have a great week Mr. Ross