Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mv. Jincy et al

I went down to the river today to get away from everything and try to figure a few things out. Too bad that happened to be the day when four towboats came down the river, one after the other. There was the Andi Boyd, then the Darrell L, then the Dixie Leader and finally the Jincy.

I figured I'd go up on the bridge to get a few photos of the Jincy. I brought Adam's camera with me and had to use it, as the battery in mine was almost dead. Adam's battery was pretty weak, too, but I got two dozen pictures out of it, including this one.


A good time in Point Pleasant, part 2

Okay, I spent Sunday doing nothing and Monday on the road waiting to see if I needed to take my mother-in-law to Columbus for the imminent birth of her eighth grandchild (no trip, and no word yet). So here, at last, are more photos from the river festival at Point Pleasant, W.Va., over the weekend.

These guys on the Marathon towboat Louisville volunteered to pose for a photo. I didn't get their names.

These folks were touring the Louisville. I shot this from the J.S. Lewis, which was tied up next to the Louisville. I like how the one boy saw me raise my camera and immediately go into a pose.

These folks seemed to enjoy the tour, too.

The Corps of Engineers displayed some of their diving equipment.

Here's the Silver Memorial Bridge.

Railroad bridges look so strong and study, but when you see them from below, they look different.

The Michael J. Grainger leaves the Kanawha River and heads down the Ohio River with 15 coal loads.

And folks from the Point Pleasant River Museum (a great place) let folks know how whistles from the old steamboats sounded.