Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching up on a couple of news items

Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, various government officials and others will have the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new hydroelectric  plant at the Meldahl Locks and Dam,  just above Cincinnati. Construction started some time ago, but this is the official ceremony that, among other things, allows people to get a better idea of what's going on there. I wish I could be there, but . . .

UPDATE: I was farther behind on the news than I thought. Chuck Minsker of the Corps of Engineers said the groundbreaking was last week. Two goofs in one weekend. Next thing, someone will tell me Ingram bought out Ohio Barge Line. I need to take a few steps back and figure out where I really am.

A different kind of boat is heading up the Ohio River soon. A World War II LST that delivered supplies to Normandy for the D-Day invasion will travel from Evansville to Pittsburgh for a September showing. After Pittsburgh, the boat will be in Marietta for a while.

That will give us all something new to photograph. And, more important, take the kids to see.