Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off topic: Harry Fisher

I got word yesterday that someone I worked with at the Huntington newspaper many years ago had passed away. Harry Fisher was the news editor. He was the guy who ran the copy desk: the people who lay out pages, write headlines and catch spelling and grammar errors before they get into the paper.

A lot of people who knew Harry use the same word to describe him: nice. And that he was. He was not a corporate ladder climber who saw people in the newsroom as rungs on the ladder of success. You know what you do with rungs when you climb the ladder. You step on them. Harry wasn’t like that. He was easygoing. He was soft spoken. He was easy to work with. He was one of those guys who if I was starting a news operation from scratch, I would want a guy like him on my team.

Here’s the story-style obit for Harry, for those who want to read a little more.