Thursday, February 10, 2022

30 days, 30 pictures Part 26

 Back in December, my youngest earned another endorsement on his CDL. He could either go to the West Virginia DMV office in Huntington and wait for who knows how long, or he could drive an hour up to Point Pleasant and be in and out quickly. He decided to drive to Point Pleasant, as he had done before in his CDL training and certification.

Adam is pretty good at taking pictures of school buses. They're his first love, and he works as a substitute driver here in addition to another part-time job. On his trip to Point Pleasant, he saw this boat working some barges against the West Virginia shore. The problem was that this is a narrow part of the road. It's where the hill, the railroad track, the highway and the river all crowd up against each other. He didn't have his camera with him, either, so he had to slow down and get pictures with his phone. This is one of them.

The boat is the Sally Lapeyre of Canal Barge Company.

Adam does a pretty good job photographing school buses. Check out his YouTube channel (Project 681) for his video work.