Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Ironton-Russell Bridge, Part 2 of Many

After the customary congratulatory speeches and ribbon cutting, people attending the dedication ceremony of the new Ironton-Russell Bridge today got to walk across it mostly unbothered by auto traffic except for a parade of antique cars and trucks.

As people neared the midpoint of the bridge, they saw a boat coming down pushing six petroleum or chemical barges. The boat turned out to be the M/V City of Paducah, and I think the barges were labeled as carrying benzene, but I could be wrong there.

This was probably the first chance many people on the bridge had ever had to see a towboat this close. The rain earlier in the day helped, as wet barges tend to have deeper colors than dry ones. The just look better, and they can photograph better.

# # #

I have lots more to say and lots more pictures to show from the dedication, but this is the Thanksgiving holiday, and I expect to spend some time with my wife's family from out of town these next few days. I'll post as I can, although the volume might not kick up until Sunday. Until then, enjoy your weekend.