Thursday, March 7, 2013

Totally off topic

One of my sisters passed away this week, so today I went to her house where family was gathering. On the way home I noticed these sheep at the farm of her oldest son -- one of my nephews.

It reminded me of a beautiful piece of music by J.S. Bach, one that I hadn't listened to in a while: "Sheep May Safety Graze." I've heard it by orchestra, string quartet and as a classical guitar solo. I like the first way best. While John Hartford may have been my favorite performer of the 20th Century, all-time my favorite musician has to be Bach. The first movement of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 is my favorite piece of music ever, and I remember a long time ago cleaning house to his Goldberg Variations  as performed by the Canadian Brass. That wasn't something I could listen to driving down Route 7, but it was okay for background music while doing chores.

Back to the photo. I don't know if you can make it out, but there is a strand of electric fence wire barely visible here. I suppose the fence keeps out the coyotes that infest the hills of the Ohio Valley nowadays.

Enough of that. The next entry should be back to the river.

A couple of miles up the Kanawha

I saw these three boats today as I drove from Charleston WV to see family near Gallipolis OH.

There was the Dr. Edwin H. Welch.

And a Crounse boat whose name I did not get. It's coming downriver toward the Ohio.

And the Reliant.

For something totally off topic, spammers have found my photos of Meigs County OH and are sending me totally absurd comments.