Sunday, April 8, 2012

New subjects

It's funny how things work out sometimes. A week or so ago, I was thinking that this blog needs more photos and items on recreational use of the Ohio River -- fishing, boating, personal watercraft, things like that.

Yesterday, I dropped the boys off at their grandmother's for a while. I went up to Cheshire, Ohio, to see what was there. The community has a boat ramp and dock that are across and down from the AEP dock where their upper Ohio River operations are headquartered. I saw several people fishing, and I saw a couple of people with their personal watercraft.

As I held my camera close to water level to try to get a photo of a piece of wood in the foreground wtih a towboat in the background, I heard a younger woman sitting on the dock tell an older woman about how watercraft tend to smoke a lot when you start them for the first time after a winter of inactivity. At the ramp a few feet a way, a guy was proving her right.

He took his craft out on the river for a few minutes before bringing it back to the trailer attached to his pickup. I left as they were talking about installing new batteries and how much they cost.

So I'll be spending this spring and summer paying a little more attention to these things. There's no way I can afford a watercraft or a boat or anything like that, but I'll have my camera out looking for good angles.