Saturday, October 20, 2012

Missed it; catching up

Thanks to whatever it is I had, I've pretty much been stuck in the house since Wednesday afternoon, right when the leaves around here were peaking. I did get out for a little while Friday afternoon but only because I needed to get some money out of the bank. While I was out, I got a photo of the M/V Alvin C. Johnson passing Huntington. I did that only because I didn't have a picture of the Johnson, and to me it was freezing (actually, in the 50s with wind).

But today I've been feeling okay, and I took Adam to his grandmother's for the weekend, which means I did both sides of the Ohio between Huntington and Point Pleasant. The leaves weren't very bright, possibly because of the heavy cloud cover but more likely because the rich golds have already peaked and fallen.

So, I looked down at the river and saw a few leaves floating on the surface, including this one.

Odd, isn't it, how the tiny parts of the leave sticking above the surface make their own ripples?

I'll try again for some good fall photos tomorrow. No promised, though.

Congratulations, C.R.

We've met him in person only once, but Adam and I have chatted with him via the Internet many times in the past five years. Today C.R. Neale -- towboat pilot and river photographer -- walked down the aisle with his longtime sweetheart, Ramsey Alyce Warwick.

Congratulations, C.R. If your marriage is half as good as mine, you'll be doing might fine.