Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good day

Adam and I had a great day in Point Pleasant. He got to board -- at last -- his second-favorite towboat, the M/V O. Nelson Jones. He got to meet several river people, including one of the heads of AEP's Ohio River operations. That person and the president of Ingram barge got into a good-natured bidding war for Adam's services when he gets his pilot's license. But the owner of Amherst Madison didn't want to join in. Adam got another lesson in piloting on the simulator. And we had some chats with deckhands about life and work on the O. Nelson Jones.

We have about 300 photos to go through. Given all else going on this week, it may take a few days. But we should have a dozen or so decent ones.

This and that

Adam and I are headed to Point Pleasant in a little bit for the ceremony at the river museum. And if the open house of the M/V O. Nelson Jones is still on, we'll be there, too.


Another indication of how much people and institutions rely on bridges: Universities on each end of the Sherman Minton Bridge in Louisville say enrollment is down since the bridge closed for repairs.


And here's an article that lists several places to get good barbecue, including one in Owensboro, Ky. I think it was in Owensboro one time that I was driving along looking for a good local, non-chain place to eat, as it was into the afternoon and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was about to pull into the parking lot of one place when I noticed the marquee advertising something like "fresh brain sandwich," so I drove on to the next city and got a fish sandwich at McDonald's.