Saturday, April 24, 2010

A heron

I will put up the final installment of my archive series sometime this weekend. A couple of things have come up -- minor, but time-consuming -- that I want to address. Good things, actually, things that I'm happy to deal with.

Meanwhile, here are three heron photos that I got on Thursday at old Lock and Dam 27 near Proctorville, Ohio. I like shooting herons, although my equipment is not the best for doing so. It's good for closeups and shooting large objects, but it's not the best for getting close to wildlife that doesn't want you around. I'll get a new lens someday when I don't have better uses for $2,500 (paying down debts, buying a needed second vehicle, kids' education, fixing the house ... that sort of thing).

So here they are.

First, here it is looking intently into the Ohio River. It dipped its head a couple of times, but I wasn't close enough to see if it got anything.

I like this shot of it walking up the old guide wall, mainly because of how its legs are crossed.

And here it is flying away. Raise your wings, lean forward and flap. So simple.