Monday, February 27, 2012

Football bridge

Is it just me, or when the Ohio River at Moundsville, W.Va., is smooth and still, does the bridge there look like a football?

Or maybe a rugby ball. I once knew a Fortune 500 CEO who had played rugby in his younger years. Once when I was interviewing him, the photographer brought along a rugby ball and the two talked about  how some football kickers practiced with rugby balls.

But we'll go with the football here.

Bellaire Bridge update

The Ohio River bridge between Bellaire, Ohio, and Benwood, W.Va., has been waiting to come down for more than 20 years. Here's an update of sorts, published today in my favorite weekly business-government-energy newspaper.

Two more photos from Steubenville

After the demolition of the Fort Steuben Bridge a week ago today, Adam and I drove across the nearby Veterans Memorial Bridge a couple of times so he could shoot some photos of the debris removal work in the Ohio River.

Here, looking at the Ohio side, you can see how the explosion severed the base of the Ohio tower. If you look on the bank, you can see the tower lying flat on the ground.

And here, on the West Virginia side, you can see the anchorage for the mains suspension cables along with the cables themselves.

And that may be about all we have from the demolition itself, but we have more coming from our trip up the river.