Friday, September 18, 2009

A comfortable look for a new bridge

Sticking with what works, the new Ohio River bridge planned for Ironton OH and Russell KY will be a cable stay design similar to that used on at least two other bridges over the Ohio River. A photo can be seen on the Web site of
The Ironton Tribune.

The new bridge would be the sixth cable stay bridge across the Ohio River from Ohio to Kentucky or West Virginia. The others are at Steubenville, Pomeroy, Proctorville, Portsmouth and Ripley OH. They connect to Weirton WV, Mason WV, Huntington WV, South Shore KY and Maysville KY, respectively. There is at least one other on the lower section of the river, that being  near Rockport IN and Owensboro KY.

If I missed any, someone please let me know.

The new Ironton bridge looks like the Bridge of Honor at Pomeroy OH and the William H. Natcher Bridge at Rockport IN. It would replace a steel truss bridge that has been in service since 1922.