Monday, December 17, 2012

A near disaster photographically

My camera has two memory cards. Yesterday I formatted one of them. The wrong one. The one with most of the photos I took of the gate lift at R.C. Byrd a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for me I had saved about 30 of the best ones to a flash drive, but I had not yet downloaded them, so 200 to 300 images were lost.


Two news items

Unrelated, but things I found in the news.

First, there are plans to move fracking wastewater by barge on the Ohio River to treatment plants or injection disposal wells. As I was reading this story, I got to thinking about the chlorine barges that go up and down the river without the knowledge of most people living on the banks.

Second, the new Milton-Madison bridge has reached a milestone in its construction. Someday, when I get caught up on my bills (hah!), I'll run down there and see the new and old bridge side-by-side for myself.

Bridge construction start

Plans call for construction of the two Ohio River bridges at Louisville to begin next summer.