Thursday, July 30, 2020

An old picture is new again

Lately I've been going through some old pictures. This evening I found this one. I worked on it some and it now looks like this.

The thing is, I remember taking this picture. All the data stored on the file says it was take in 2014. Not possible, I say, but the data don't lie. This was six years ago. Time flies, don't it?

I took this with my old camera. In 2014 it was less than seven years old, but it was obsolete. But I didn't have money for a newer camera with a better sensor, better lenses and more features. Plus I was what I called a dumpster-diver photographer. I used whatever free software I could find.

Even if the professional photographers looked down on my equipment, I still got some pretty good images in those days, if I may be allowed to brag on myself.